A most accomodating nephew

They were asked to cease to be Prussians in order that they might become Germans.

In a speech to the Prussian Assembly on 6 September Bismarck said:- "We all wish that the Prussian eagle should spread out his wings as guardian and ruler from the Memel to the Donnersberg, but free will we have him, not bound by a new Regensburg Diet.

Anne had driven away from the court and the King, Henry VIII's wife Queen Katherine, his daughter Princess Mary, and his former mistresses, such as her own widowed sister Mary, Elizabeth Lady Tailboys, and new ones that the King fancied such as Catherine Parr.

Now Anne was to find she had a new and a threatening rival: Jane Seymour. Jane Seymour's brother Edward Seymour, had been at the court since he was a boy.

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