Access screenupdating

For example, suppose that you want to requery the data in a form whenever the form receives the focus.

Hi, I'm building a 3D first person shooter in Excel at the moment, using autoshapes to draw the environment background (ground, air) and objects (buildings, bad guys, shadows).

This may cause your workbook to recalculate too often, which will slow down performance.

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If you are sharing a database over a network, other users could be changing data while you are viewing the same data in a datasheet or form.

To get the framerate smooth, i have tried several options, with poor results: Agree with Skip. I am not sure if VBA can do similar API manipulation of DCs as VB itself.

It certainly would be faster to use a Create Compatible DC function (Lib "gdi32") and do your manipulation there, in memory, and then dump it back to the screen in toto. Gerry Well, I've made some improvement with this combination: Lock Window Update (Find Window("XLMAIN", vb Null String)) Call Send Message(Find Window("XLMAIN", vb Null String), _ WM_SETREDRAW, 0&, By Val 0&) Update Objects Call Send Message(Find Window("XLMAIN", vb Null String), _ WM_SETREDRAW, 1&, By Val 0&) Lock Window Update 0However, as you said, using more than say 40 visible objects at once, really slows the framerate. btw: The Bitmap Viewer as well as the Ascii converter only swallow 24-bit Bitmaps.

' --------------------------------------------------------------------------------' User Defined Error codes Const ERR_NO_WINDOW_HANDLE As Long = 1000 Const ERR_WINDOW_LOCK_FAIL As Long = 1001 Const ERR_VERSION_NOT_SUPPORTED As Long = 1002 ' API declarations for Find Window() & Lock Window Update() ' Use Find Window API to locate the Power Point handle.