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“Deciding what charges to file is the most complicated and fraught-with-trouble part of our job.We have to try to be consistent but still make decisions on a case-by-case basis that are appropriate and respectful of the defendant’s constitutional rights, but provide justice to the victim.” He said under Measure 11 mandatory sentencing guidelines, hundreds of charges boiled down into several felonies are likely to lead to an equivalent amount of time if the defendant is found guilty.

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He said both men were charged by police as appropriate for the evidence they collected in an investigation.

“They give us the full set of facts based on the evidence they collect and then we make a decision about how to move forward with information,” Nisley said.

Three men have been arrested in recent months for alleged sexual abuse of known underage females and that has led Wasco County District Attorney Eric Nisley to warn about the importance of parental vigilance.

He said sex abuse is usually not a one-time event, so young victims are likely to exhibit some type of change in behavior or lifestyle.

If you are held in custody, you will probably have bail set. For lesser felony and most misdemeanor charges, defendants are often released pending trial even if they are unable to post bail.


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