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Your permissions on the site determine at what level you can manage RSS.Before you can manage RSS for a site collection, you need to have site collection administrator permissions and you need to go to the top-level site of the site collection.This post will show you six tools that social media experts and marketing agencies use to update their Facebook pages.

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RSS, which stands for Rich Site Summary (but is also often known as Really Simple Syndication), is a commonly used format for publishing a "feed" of content from a website.

Blog articles, press releases, updates, or other regularly updated content are all logical candidates for getting a RSS feed.

Sometimes you reach across the hedgerow to share with your nearby neighbors.

Other times, members of the household move away and yet you can't keep from calling to remind them to wear a hat and such because it's chilly out.

Many users don't have permissions to access this page, and can’t subscribe to the feed for a specific view.


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