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Sura opened two consecutive hands during the first orbit of play.The first won him the blinds and antes but during the second he ran into some opposition.

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They could be a good matchup with the up-and-coming team of Franks.

You’ve got the Steves, who sound like they’re either going to be super-entertaining or a total disaster (Steve Nash, Steve Francis, Steve Kerr, Steve Smith, and Steven Adams).

Late Wednesday night, I was asked a question that I have not been able to stop thinking about since. It appeared plain and direct at first, but was actually layered and nuanced, which is to say it was my favorite kind of question. So when thinking on the question, the following six rules need to be considered and followed: The main team this rule has an effect against is the Davids.

Now, if we’re going to extend that into something bigger here, then we’re going to need to do some fence-building first to help the conversation keep its shape.

I don't want the skin, I don't have any intention of ever playing Standard, and I'd have to craft a ton of cards to have any chance of winning 10 Standard games in a reasonable amount of time. Still not interested in spending an hour accomplishing nothing other than unlocking a quest slot.