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Ultimately, your own taste in women will have far more say in your rituals and romances than society ever will.

If you want women to do the asking, then make yourself accessible – easy to talk to, slow to judge, receptive to invitations and faultlessly immune to gender-baiting.

DEAR CAROLYN: I’m married with a child and another on the way.

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After a little investigation, it appears that there is no way to sign up to receive those emails without posting some type of profile.

I am suspicious that she is or was out looking for alternatives. Should I approach her or, because I don’t know for sure, just let it go? Confused DEAR CONFUSED: Given your (appearance of) happiness and “good life,” I suppose I can see why you’d consider letting it go — but how would you un-see what you’ve seen, and un-think what you’ve thought?

Carolyn: I went on a vacation years ago with one of my closest friends and her friends.

On a night on the town, I was drugged and ended up being fondled and kissed by a man my group had met earlier in the day at a bar.

What Can I Say: His view is immoral on its face to anyone who believes foremost that humans of all shapes, sizes and colors are of equal worth and deserve to be *reflexively* accepted and treated as such.