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Peter presents this actual condition in straightforward language, inviting you to recognize and deepen your exploration and discovery of this astounding, Divine actuality that you already are, right here and now.

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Many of us at Shambhala Publications had the great pleasure of working with him and experiencing his brilliant mind and universal kindheartedness.

He was truly a modern day bodhisattva, transforming his own suffering and the suffering of the world into vital teachings for a broad range of communities and practitioners.

Povinnost pracovat neplatila pouze o nedlch a svtcch, kdy odsouzenci navtvovali rann bohosluby a vzdlvac pednky.

Dnes pracuje pouze st odsouzench, nkte vyuvaj prvo odmtnout.

Michael voraciously explored the depths of the Eastern traditions, always going back to the root teachings, and returned with fresh insights on how ancient wisdom could be applied in modern life.