Choice dating show

What happens to relationships when finding a date is as easy as requesting a ride or ordering take-out?

Anyone who follows the show on a weekly basis, reads the show lead's blog posts on, follows fans (collectively known as "Bachelor Nation") on Twitter (twtr), or reads spoilers from Reality Steve (guilty as charged) knows by now that it is usually one of the final three contestants who is chosen as the subsequent show lead.

It's easy to see why: The lead already has a built-in following with fans nationwide not to mention an easier narrative for producers to construct and fans to follow.

If more than one celeb spins around, then the contestant gets to choose whose “dating pool to swim in”.

Round 2 is the “Speed Choice” round where the woman has only a few seconds to sweep her celebrity beau of his feet. If I only knew it was this easy.) In the final round (ok folks this is where it gets really difficult for me), host Cat Deeley (why Cat, WHY?!

Half of the participants were asked to choose one potential partner from a small group and the other half selected from a larger pool.