Comquest dating on demand

I had been given my own island by Poseidon, a island in the middle of the ocean. They were beautiful and were garbed in blue, silk dresses. "Come in, close the door and sit down." Piper did as I told her."So, where to start? I mean we are your concubines and I can't imagine you raping anyone but Zoe said there are ancient laws demanding that you sleep with us.

So I got myself a challenge, I will write a lemon/harem story with out letting the characters go totally Oc. I hope you have lots of fun."Well, here we are I guess." I announced awkwardly. I'm not a rapist you know." Annabeth rolled her eyes. You taking them would fall under the category of playing with your toys." I took her hands. "We should check out the master bedroom." She mumbled. I found them in a long hallway, discussing who would get what room and who would share with whom. When Annabeth and I stepped into the master room we found that we were being expected.

Annabeth and I had been turned into gods after the war and we had been granted all the luxuries. There stood a dozen of young naiads, the oldest about sixteen, the youngest eleven or twelve. You should go and take charge." I pouted and Annabeth laughed.

He dares to talk about things that a lot of people don't think about or aren't usually going to talk about.

He is very straight forward and doesn't beat around the bush with hard issues.

He has a passion to equip others to overcome obstacles and hurts.