Dating 101 for men

Every since I was a kid, my body generally wakes me up between 4-6 like clock work. I’d read my Teen and Seventeen magazines, usually looking up the ask him and her questions on dating and sex. Other times I’d read my Teen and Seventeen magazines, usually looking up the ask him and her questions on dating and sex. I decided I wanted to set some men straight for their own procreation good. By nature, women are looking for men who will nurture and be able to afford to take care of her and her brood or future brood. Are you so built up that women are afraid you’re going to beat them up or wrestle them down and rape them? Are you posting pictures of yourself showing off your favorite beer, you’ve got a cigarette dangling in your mouth, motorcycle, smoking dope etc? Not everyone will have these kinds of pictures, but they help a lot. Back in the “olden days” before hand-held tablets and cell phones, I listened to Neil Diamonds “Jonathan Seagull” album and it would lull me right back to sleep. I came across this article this morning and I just had to laugh. Although I warn you, red flags might shoot up and a woman might think, “pizza delivery” or something nasty like grave digger! Post a picture of yourself using your handyman skills. Are you bragging in your profile or message what a good kisser you are, how well you give a body massage? Call yourself Riding High or Motorcycle King and you’ll attract other bikers, if that’s what you want. If a women’s profile says I’m NOT looking for a toyboy, friends with benefits, etc, why the hell are you approaching them in a sexual way or why are you approaching them at all? If you have the same interests etc say so and tell her what they are.

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Entertainment So, consider asking a woman about these things when talking to her on the phone, on your first date, or otherwise. It opens the door to talk about favorite recipes and the ROMANCE of food.

When I sold timeshares, I found that many people find vacations to be more adventurous, a time for more romance and love, and often vacations are where we would describe our PEAK MOMENTS over 50% of the time!

We have to develop a hunger for God in order to live godly lives.

The true measure of a believer is not in how high they jump in the service, but how straight they walk according to God’s will after. We don’t find God by accident, we must be intentional.

This topic is of especially more importance than all the rest, if you ask me. Yes, women have come up to me while I'm playing and given me their phone number WHILE I'm playing or during breaks. Get a hobby that interests you, and make sure she knows about it.