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The torso and each limb had been wrapped in plastic tarps, then stuffed into black garbage bags, all tied together with a gallows knot.Attached to the various body parts were a T-shirt, jogging pants, socks and sandals.

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Therefore luminescence properties of coarse grain (100–200 μm) quartz and in addition K-rich feldspar were investigated with the aim to reconstruct the chronology of the glacial processes within the Ybbs catchment area.

Issues of incomplete bleaching were p IRIR225 encountered and addressed by comparing quartz OSL, fading corrected K feldspar IR50 and p IRIR225 to identify reliable ages.

There was a large cut below one rib; the stomach had been eviscerated.

The body was severed at the biceps and just above the knees.

Parents may wait to talk to their teens about sexuality until they believe their child is in a romantic relationship.


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