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When Marshall starts experiencing the seven-year itch, he turns to a mysterious new dating app, e Cupid, to see what he might be missing. , SLGFF 2010) brings this romantic comedy about getting what you think you wish for.What seems like a windfall of hot guys soon gets a bit out of hand when technology starts running Marshall’s life. Marshall realizes he must take control back from e Cupid and follow his heart.

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In addition to that, he finds himself with a serious case of seven year itch with his boyfriend Gabe.

Calciano, Joe Dain, Matthew Solari, Nicholas Downs J. Calciano Marshall thought that he would have it all by now--he is about to turn thirty and he is still trapped in the same job, going nowhere.

It’s all too easy to ‘heart’ something on social media, but what about what used to be called Lonely Hearts?

As Tina Turner warbled so plaintively (and memorably): 'What’s love got to do with it?

Three decades on from its publication, the world’s undergone a technological revolution, and anyone in search of a dream romance soon finds that they are looking for love in the time of an epidemic called Pokemon.