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Thompson is “in a constant state of anxiety” about her 13-year-old daughter Gaia and the potential for her to be disturbed by pornography transmitted through her smartphone.

So the actress penned a “handbook about where emotions are felt in the body, about sexual feelings and the connection between sex and emotions” in order to have a hand in educating her about sex.

Yet another reason Emma Watson was a natural fit to play Belle in Beauty and the Beast?

Emma Watson has hit back at criticism over her recent Vanity Fair cover shoot that saw her flashing her boobs in a white outfit.

The 26-year-old Beauty and the Beast star suffered a backlash from some fans following the release of the latest issue of the glossy magazine. “I really don’t know what my t*ts have to do with it.

Watson revealed to The tidbit came out during an interview when a reporter asked Watson whether or not she keeps in touch with Daniel Radcliffe and Co.

Obviously it's full of feminist book recs from Watson, fitness tips from Lewis, and plenty of stuff we can't even begin to imagine.

What is a parent to do about all this inappropriate for minors material?