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Support for the evening was provided by Brothers of Brazil, two brothers from Brazil (as their name already tells us) uniting their style preferences to create a zippy fusion of punk, Samba and bossa nova.

Supla, the oldest of the pair, who remained behind the drum kit for most of the performance, makes his musical loyalties abundantly clear by sporting bleached blonde Billy Idol liberty spikes and giving us a glimpse of what’s under his Union Jack bondage kilt during the show.

Here he comes now, walking into the room, eyes to the ground.

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The comedian and Jonathan Ross left lewd answerphone messages for the Fawlty Towers star boasting of Brand’s conquest of Sachs’ granddaughter Georgina Baillie.

But last night Georgina’s father Charles revealed for the first time the full extent of the domestic chaos the “Sachsgate” prank had caused.

Sure, Georgie is sexy and probably a sweet girl, but either allow her to contribute properly or leave her in the dressing room…At any rate, the absence of second ‘backing singer’ Twinkle made a vast improvement in freeing up the congested stage so we could focus on Adam and the band, instead of Twinkle’s hilariously distracting burlesque mime act.

Adam played a rapidly paced, career spanning greatest hits package, from the raw, snarling “Plastic Surgery” with its doom-laden bass note intro, to the sensitive adult pop of 1995’s “Wonderful”, and the latest addition to the live set, the slinky groove of upcoming album track “Vince Taylor”.

He talks with disquieting candour about his illness.


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