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"Hidden Interiors") location; all the others are encountered outdoors.

One of three activities is possible when dating: a visit to a restaurant, bar, diner or fast food place; dancing at a nightclub; driving around.

Barbara does not appear until Tierra Robada, Bone County and Las Venturas are unlocked.

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As with previous installments, San Andreas features several major, supporting and minor characters.

Many high-profile celebrities have voiced these characters in the game including crime film veterans, Samuel L. Prior to the events of the game, Tenpenny and his associate, Eddie Pulaski force their new recruit, Jimmy Hernandez to murder their colleague, Officer Ralph Pendelbury after Pendelbury tries to expose their corruption.

If 100% completion is not a goal, simply the completion of the main storyline missions, it's possible to complete the game without dating anyone, since Millie's encounter is part of an optional mission strand, and Denise can be ignored after rescuing her.

Denise is first encountered during the mission Burning Desire for Frank Tenpenny, whilst Millie first appears during the mission Key To Her Heart in Las Venturas.

The remaining four girlfriends are Michelle Cannes, Barbara Schternvart, Helena Wankstein and Katie Zhan, none of whom are tied to any specific mission; they are encountered at certain locations around San Andreas.


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