Insane clown posey the dating game

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That’s why we’ve put together a few Juggalo dating tips, with the help of some images from the genius Tumblr OKCupid Juggalos. Love is a…Miracle: In the world of online dating, visuals are a powerful tool. It’s pretty common knowledge that the official soda of the Juggalo…movement(? Eventually, the people you are dating will find out who you really are, so there’s no sense in hiding too much.

Make sure to include a balanced amount of clear photos of your face, as well as some pictures that give visitors an idea of what the rest of you looks like. ) is Faygo, but did you know that the officlal motto of the group was recently changed to “Y. Although, maybe hold back a bit more than this dude?

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(Host Intro) Let's meet contestant #1 He's a schitzophrenic serial killer clown, Who says women love his sexy smile. Tell me what you'd do to make that first impression really stay. Your dad would probably start trippin', and get me pissed.

I'd have to walk up and bust him in his fuckin lips!