Intimidating chants

Some are these momentous, stone-cold traditions that lift everyone up simply through participation.

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The school said that the fraternity, Delta Kappa Epsilon, had “threatened and intimidated others.” Videos of the chants, which included cheers like “No Means Yes! (PHOTOS: The Evolution of the College Dorm) A public summary of disciplinary actions was made by the school to prove that it discouraged sexual harassment and the school said it wanted to ensure “an educational environment free from harassment and intimidation.” That didn’t please Doug Lanpher, executive director of international DKE office, though, who said he was disappointed that Yale had made the announcement on grounds that the negotiations should have been kept confidential.

The “Dekes” were banned from recruiting students from Yale for five years because clearly, the incident gave the school a bad reputation. We believe that the chapter’s behavior has changed.” Delta Kappa Epsilon was founded in Yale in 1844, and reportedly counts both President George H. (MORE: It’s Not Just Yale: Are Colleges Doing Enough to Combat Sexual Violence?

DONALD TRUMP SUPPORTED BY FORMER KKK LEADER DAVID DUKE Of course, the students were disturbed by it.

Staff from Perry High School said the chants, which have actually happened before, were demoralizing.

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