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The only reason I check Huffy's SM is too see which one of them is going to drop the huge hints/news about them or see who is going to publicity move on first...which I think will be Huffy.Whenever she does post though it keeps me wondering some things about what happened. After all, she has scored more goals than any other woman (or man) in the history of international soccer.

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While researching this yesterday, we saw a number of sites which suggested that Abby Wambach is gay and dating a Washington Freedom teammate Sarah Huffman.

Everything we’ve searched for continues to pull this information, and we’re getting flooded with commenters stating this information as fact today as well.

“I feel so lucky because, when I was first on the team, there was really no ‘gay’ people on the team,” she said.

“In fact, there was almost the opposite, these girls were like: ‘No, we’re straight,’ so they had long hair and ponytails.

While no direct information from Abby via a reputable news source confirms this information, the consistent information suggests one thing: It’s a very strong possibility that Abby Wambach is homosexual.