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III Woodhurst to Resurgens Properties LLC, Ld: Lot, on the west side of Of Fifteenth Street, 0,000 Angela Dionne Ciccio to Todd W.Wilcox, Ld:, Tract B B-855 2077, ,000 Patrick J.And is Presley’s version of the American dream — hard work equaling success — no longer a viable path for most Americans?

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Flash forward to 2015, and tourists and Elvis impersonators are the last-surviving industry in the once-thriving town, which disenchanted working-class families bemoan is "going to hell.”Jarecki then travels to Memphis, where Presley was introduced to soul and blues music, and launched as a “white face with a black sound” by Sun Records’ Sam Phillips.

In one of the film’s most thoughtful passages, Public Enemy’s Chuck Dand others mull his complicated history with race and cultural appropriation, scoring early hits with covers of black artists like Arthur Crudup (But it was Presley’s signing with manager Colonel Tom Parker — an illegal Dutch immigrant born Andreas Cornelis van Kuijk, whom “Donald Trump would throw out of the country in an instant” — that kickstarted his downfall.

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