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Lambert was appalled that the call was made from the reception desk of the Exco members’ suite of offices.

“I cannot believe these sultry online chats to some adult person on the other end was made from our ­offices. It is something so ­extraordinary that it goes ­beyond speech,” he said.

It was reported in local media and widely believed that the woman’s husband, suspecting she was cheating, had secretly given her a concoction prepared by a witch doctor.

According to a report in The Verge, the app that copies technology startup Life On Air's popular group video chat app ‘Houseparty' was recently demonstrated for employees and is being targeted for a fall release. Details about 'Bonfire' are still unclear though it was described as "essentially a clone of Houseparty".

The number cited in the summons had been her ­secretary’s phone and the call had apparently been made on a Saturday.