Mason dating system

After seeing these jars on Pinterest, I knew I liked the jars in different shades of the same color–I decided to go with blues. Shades of blue acrylic craft paint, and white so that I could dilute any of the colors to a lighter shade.

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Well, I learned my lesson with my mason jar Give Thanks tutorial.

I painted the outside of these jars and then learned just how easily the paint scratched off when touched or bumped–this won’t happen if you paint the inside.

Here we have another rehash of a tale that goes back as far as mysteries were written.

Only after a few dates an older widower marries a younger widow and after Wills are signed the widow dies and all the evidence points to a murder. Lucas Tolliver (Noah Beery, a widower, has been picked to be compatible with Millicent Barton (Cathy Downs), a widow, by a computer dating service(something brand new for people in 1965).

Then I turned the jar mostly upside down and twirled it slowly until the paint covered the entire inside of the jar.