Opi dating a royal jelly

Opi dating a royal jelly

First up is OPI Dating a Royal, showing here in 1 thin, 1 thick coat.

I’ve ended up with 20 (all on really really screaming deals), so I’ve decided to divide them up by color and try to continue swatching and showcasing them on the blog.

Blues were the thing last season, but for those of us who don’t care about strictly following seasonal trends, OPI Dating a Royal from the new Mod Brights Collection is pretty amazing.

Originally, I was going to compare all of these colors but once I got the bottles together it was pretty clear that the only real contenders for comparison were Lippmann Collection – Rehab and Rescue Beauty Lounge – Dead Calm.

I never saw an official announcement for it, but I'm assuming it's new for Summer 2012 because I've never seen it before.