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This wouldn't install or update the Flash updater mechanism, but since you're handling the updates anyway, I don't see that as a significant drawback. /bin/sh # Script to download and install Flash Player. # Change working directory to /tmp /usr/bin/cd /tmp #download flash dmg.

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Very often in *NIX land but unfortunately not as often in OS X when you have to do backflips to get the info.

you want it is because you are not asking the right question. out of the program directly before parsing its default output.

Adobe hasn't disclosed how it is being attacked, but according to the company's security bulletin, this vulnerability CVE-2016-7855, is a use-after-free flaw that could potentially allow a hacker to take remote control of your computer by exploiting through Flash.

The scary part is that since it is a zero-day vulnerability, hackers are already targeting computers without Adobe's prior knowledge.

Remove just ".mdlp" from the file name (leaving ".dmg"), hit Enter, and confirm the change in the dialog that appears.