Radeditor not updating content

Just did a Database attach Upgrade from wss 3.0 to sharepoint 2010 Foundation. Get Entity(Uri absolute Uri, String role, Type of Object To Return) at System. I detached the content database from wss 3.0 Webapplication with internal database running in Windows Server 2008 R2. Get Stream(Uri uri, ICredentials credentials) at System. To signup you have 2 options: Please fill in the required fields below, providing us with details of your organisation and the services it offers, as well as your individual contact details.

radeditor not updating content-70

The problem exists in all versions of Rad Editor, a WYSIWYG text editor manufactured by Bulgaria-based firm Telerik, according to security researcher G. Mc Namara, who disclosed the vulnerability on his blog late last week.

“Technically speaking, this is a massive hole in how existing input validation security filters work in unison,” Mc Namara said in an email Thursday to Threatpost regarding the vulnerability.

(I cannot send any code / sample project due to the sensitivity of our projects).

We use Telerik web controls a lot (great contorls!!! We have a simple Treeview on the left with a bunch of fields on the right.

I can't reproduce it consistently but it is a concern.