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So if your looking for someone to tag along while you explore the world, Lucy’s your gal! There’s no room for lounging with Pete around, so if your looking for a good motivator… If you’re looking for a fun gal with lots of love to give, then Annie Oakley is your gal! For more information on animals who still need forever homes, please contact the Atlanta Humane Society.

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I'd like to believe that we are all meant to meet people that will either remain with us for the rest of our lives, or simply pass by to teach us a lesson or two.

You would wish to hold onto every single one of them, but you know deep down that - some people will stay and some will have to go away. But then, there are those who would try to disregard the supposed ending of your story by going back time and time again, asking for another opportunity, making a promise that this won't conclude the same way it did before.

You were both so sure that things would be easier this time.

"Now," you said, "we'll know what to do and what not to do." But the only thing you forgot to mention, is the fact that the next time you fight over the same things, it's going to be and I don't think that sounds very sensible.

The one problem has been our trust issues, which we knew we would have.


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    When my boyfriend and I were at this stage, we focused on talking about topics like faith, where we want to be in 5 years, and about our hopes and dreams for our lives.

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