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If I Can’t Dance defines its way of working as ‘contemplation, interrupted by action’, a quote borrowed from artist Hanne Darboven, who typified her practice as such.

Each edition is an ongoing process of research – of ‘contemplation’ – segmented by moments of presentations at the subsequent venues enabling public exchange – opportunities for ‘action’.

2012" from cococharms1976: Date her for two years and then propose Do introduce her to your mom Do wrap up Do hang out at the strip joint Do fall in love Why? I do not classify her on where she says she will work. To be fair, when I started dating her, she wasn t one a stripper, I mean.

Is she a weekday at 3pm stripper or a Friday night prime time pole handler/smoker? Guys who spend their teenage years playing Bards Tale on the Commodore 64 do not generally excel in the art of dating strippers. I m here to connect the dots, so you don t have to waste your time dating a bad.

Said this too, only to be met with an expression that told me he actually did not think about this possibility. I am out of long term marriage Recently and backnin to dating game.