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It is possible to buy birth certificates for anyone born in Gwynedd since 1837.

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But stop she did, and stoop down to look more closely.

It’s just as well she did, for there, lying amongst the foliage, yet not well hidden – as though somebody wanted it found – was a small bundle of cloths.

At the Gloucestershire Assizes in February 1888, 21-year-old servant, Elizabeth Pratt, was found guilty of unlawfully abandoning it, but she refused to admit that it was hers, and even the judge in her case stated that he didn’t know whether the child was hers, or belonged to someone else.

Stapleton – now a suburb of Bristol – was only a village at that time, yet it already had a reputation for child related offences.

It seems likely that in rural churchyards until, perhaps, the 1850s, wild flowers were strewn or planted, but after that date, and possibly earlier in towns, cultivated flowers were used.


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