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“Hey, Elise, we’re going to put you in a pair of high-waisted bell bottoms!” Cut to Elise tossing said bell bottoms into a dumpster and emerging in a flowing violet gown with leather-and-tulle vest-cape-thingie.

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“Skylar, let’s color-match some boots to go with your weird snakeskin-print kitchen-curtains dress!

” Cut to Skylar in black stilettos — her stated obsession with boots apparently buried along with Shannon Magrane’s Idol dreams. ) Anyway, enough about the fashion that wasn’t; let’s talk about the music that was: De Andre Brackensick: “Only the Good Die Young” It was pretty clear De Andre was in trouble from the opening moments of his mentoring session, his eyes darting right, then left, like an injured gazelle cornered by a pair of hungry hyenas.

Lo said it was the best thing she ever saw on ‘American Idol.’ Ledet got bonus points for holding his jacket over his shoulder post-performance, like he was a Rat Packer.

Phillip Phillips: 1990 was the year that Phillip squared entered the world, so he chose Black Crowes’ rowdy, raucous rocker ‘Hard to Handle‘ which he performed after surgery for his kidney stones.

Read more → AKON is the guest mentor, he seemed to offer only good things about each contestant, I’m suspect when a mentor won’t speak of the challenges their mentorees have.