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I started to worry that this might be more than the flu virus. He was probably working in Cambodia because of malpractice in Australia, but it was better than some Cambodian guy who had never even went to medical school. It’s not about the money.” The doctor had a knowing smile and just accepted that I wouldn’t pay for any of the girls.

I got to the Australian doctor’s office and he looked me over to see what was wrong. I remember thinking, “this guy pays because he has no game.” but maybe I should have “payed” more attention to the guy who had been living in Cambodia the last 15 years… I just had a common stomach flu and a day or two later I was feeling almost a hundred percent. I told her I wasn’t interested in anything, but drinks tonight, but I was curious how much she would charge me. “and if I couldn’t spend so much.” She looked at me flirtatiously “Because you handsome, 20$.” So that really was the going rate for many girls here. I was sitting in a bar and just about to finish my drink, when I noticed a bunch of prostitutes coming in. She was too involved in the conversations of the group. One of the girls in the group noticed me and came over and sat on my lap. She had the most guilty look on her face that made me think the worst. I continued talking to her and I wanted this girl so bad.

I felt like I had tested the waters well enough and I went back to my first girl from Cambodia, the girl with the beautiful smile. “I have a girl I’ve been seeing the last few days, she’s always so happy just to do something for me, it’s really sweet.” “How much are you paying her? “Sooner or later you are going to find out it is much easier to just pay.