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Saunders is survived by wife Wanda and daughters Aleah and Jenna.

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Tony Hale has received five consecutive Emmy nominations for his portrayal of Gary Walsh, including wins in 20.

Supporting cast members Anna Chlumsky (five nominations), Gary Cole (one nomination) and Matt Walsh (two nominations) have also received Emmy nominations for their work on the series.

As dozens more report blackouts at Mexico resorts, country says it will act on tainted alcohol -Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Matthew Johnson, an associate professor at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, has no direct evidence, but the stories [about tainted alcohol] point to several likely possibilities: scopolamine, phencyclidine (better known as PCP) or methaqualone (quaaludes, a drug popular in the 1970s).

Based on the many accounts vacationers described, any of those drugs seems to make sense, said Johnson, a specialist in behavioral pharmacology.

For example, he said when Methadone is prescribed properly, there are no real long-term health risks — no more than there might be side effects with any medication.