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(Update – Click here to see how my painted shower is holding up after a year of use! I wavered about doing something with the tile in our master bathroom for a long time.

) Who here has really outdated tile in their bathroom but doesn’t want to rip it out and replace it? It’s not terrible and I don’t hate it…but by the same token I don’t love it either.

We wanted to spruce this space up, but we did NOT have the $1000-2000 budget to rip it out and start over. I originally read about the use of this product on the fantastic blog, Petite Modern Life.

Karisa writes a full tutorial on using this product, so I would encourage you to read her post if you're interested in using this kit. The instructions on the packaging are also pretty helpful and clear. I would consider doing this on a Friday morning before you're headed out of town for a weekend…a weekend in spring when you can leave your windows open when you're gone. Do not pass GO before you get yourself a GOOD project respirator mask to use while tackling this project.

He said it was for the betterment of the tub, I think he just likes destroying things.