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Words and phrases that mislead users into thinking they were said by the developers or project members (forum moderators, chat moderators, community coordinators, game masters) or the project administration.

Actions for discouraging violations of subsections 1.1.-1.9.

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Names of organizations declared criminal, extremist or terrorist by Russian or international courts.

This includes names of organizations, divisions, and military companies included in the SA, SS, SD of Nazi Germany.1.9.

In the 21st century, an online service has the potential to garner hundreds of thousands of hits if it is social networking enabled. Now after a decade of connecting with real world friends online, people suddenly have the desire to befriend strangers.

Though not the first chat service to pair up random strangers, Chatroulette did add video zing to the otherwise bland random text chats.

We tell the story of a gay Russian journalist who was murdered in his apartment by a young suspect who proudly calls himself “the cleaner.” We talk to a politician whose homophobic laws and rhetoric have unleashed this kind of violence and to a vigilante who has targeted dozens of gay and lesbian teachers.


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