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Rouhani’s presence at the Davos meeting was one of the talked about invitations ahead of the event.

His direct message that Iran is open for business and his insistence that Iran is sincere in its desire for a new relationship based on mutual trust and a rebuilding of economic has caused much discussion.

Speaking to Bloomberg Television in Davos, Total CEO Christophe De Margerie says that he and other oil CEOs met with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani during the World Economic Forum’s and the mood was one of expectation that the embargo would be lifted.

Trade embargoes placed against Iran have stopped oil companies processing Iranian crude oil and dampened Iranian exports, hurting the country’s economy.

Yet a visit today to the capital of Tehran might change your perspective.

Of course, the Iran we see in the news is still there, with all its anti-American propaganda.

“It’s false.” He said the Iranian president’s claim that Tehran wanted to promote stability and security in the Middle East had “no connection with what is going on on the ground,” notably in Syria, where he said Iranian Revolutionary Guards and its Hezbollah allies were fighting and killing alongside government forces.