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Jolie, who is reportedly pregnant with Pitt's child, went to Haiti to lend support to friend and hip hop artist, Wyclef Jean.

AFP PHOTO/Walter ASTRADA PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AFP): Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Hollywood's couple du jour, choppered into Haiti Friday to join hip-hop star Wyclef Jean's Clean Streets project for the impoverished Caribbean nation.

" and it's infectious follow-up "Caramel" featuring Eve. From there I got into City High at 16, and we started going on the road with Wyclef and recording. When we signed into the group, we were an item, but it was bad, and I got out of that situation. This [situation] was recent, right before R&B Divas: LA. I goto social services, and they don't believe I need help. But to do that, [entertainment], and take care of three children is impossible.

But after some infighting among them, the group called it quits in 2002, putting an end to their two year winning streak. Before I was getting on track, they would send me a letter saying 'You're terminated,' because my case worker might be like 'Oh, I heard she's doing this, so I'm going to take her off.' I really did need the help. [My only income right now is] R&B Divas, but I have my little hustles. I had to sacrifice, and let go of my business, and just go hard in entertainment.

Dressed in black and sporting huge sunglasses, the two stars -- Jolie now carrying Pitt's baby -- dropped in to support the US government-funded city cleanup project from neighboring Dominican Republic, where Jolie is making a new movie directed by Robert De Niro.