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It’s not often you get to talk to a cast member about romance. It’s lovely that in this crazy world, with all this death and destruction, we can talk about these two lovebirds.

Both of them are part of a war council for a conqueror who’s remaking entire societies.

George Galloway, the Respect MP for Bradford, has attacked the attempts to extradite Julian Assange to Sweden, arguing that "even if the allegations made by these two women were 100 per cent true. But even taken at its worst, the allegations made against him by the two women – and I'm not even going into their political connections, I'm going to leave that for others and for another day.

they don't constitute rape." Galloway launched the attack on his video podcast, Let me tell you, I think that Julian Assange's personal sexual behaviour is something sordid, disgusting, and I condemn it.

Fifield will play doubles in the Class 2A state tennis tournament this weekend at Veterans Memorial Tennis Center in Cedar Rapids.